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Long, long time ago first sheppards came to mountain Bjelašnica and made first settlements there. Since then many legends were made and the landscape didn't change much, nor did the way of life for local people. Join us on this hiking trip and enjoy stunning views of one of the deepest and least explored canyons in Europe, Rakitnica river canyon, and mountains Bjelašnica, Visočica,Treskavica and Prenj.


-Traditional Bosnian villages

-Rakitnica river canyon

-Studeni potok

-Medieval Bosnian tombstones 

This trip starts with a 1.5 hours drive from Sarajevo. We will pass 1984 Olympic ski slopes on the northern side of Bjelašnica mountain and go to its southern side where Umoljani and  Lukomir  villages are located. During the drive we will have a few opportunities to stop and take photos of the beautiful landscapes. 

When we arrive in Umoljani, we'll get ready for our hike and enter the trail above the village. We will start climbing the Obalj peak which is located in between these two villages. When we are done with climbing we will enjoy some stunning views of the Lukomir village while descending from Obalj. Since Lukomir is a great place to have lunch we will do our refueling there.

After exploring Lukomir, chatting with locals and eating locally made food we will head back to Umoljani village. On our way back we will take the trail right above the Rakitnica river canyon and enjoy the easier but still amazing part of the hike. When we get back to Umoljani we will relax for a few minutes and head back to Sarajevo.


Mediocre to difficult, but in case this is too much for you make sure you check our much easier Lukomir hiking trip in the same area

- 5h 30min of hiking

- 13,5 km total distance

- 750 m elevation gain

Departure: 9 AM

Estimated return: 6 PM


65 EUR per person - one person

60 EUR per person - two persons

55 EUR per person - three or more persons 


- Fully trained and equipped guide

- Transport to the site and back

- Picnic lunch and snacks


- At least 1,5 l of  fresh water per person

- Comfortable and safe shoes for hiking

- Proper  clothes, make sure you check the weather forecast

- Rain jacket regardless of weather forecast since weather can always change quickly in the mountains

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