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Top 5 things to do in Sarajevo

Updated: May 13

If you’re reading this blog, you’re almost certainly planning a trip to this dynamic city - and let us tell you, you’ve made an excellent decision!

This city has an indestructible soul, stunning scenery, and offers travelers eclectic and lively experiences along with insights to its unique and heartbreaking history. The rest of this blog post contains a list of things that must be included in your Sarajevo itinerary.

1. Explore Old Town’s rich heritage
Every step you take through Sarajevo’s old town will remind you of how many historical eras have influenced the city.
Walking down cobblestone streets, smelling the legendary Cevapi meals, and watching flares from sparkling goods sold in the heart of Bascarsija all have their own special way of taking you back to the Ottoman Empire’s reign. If that isn’t enough to persuade you, you can always go to Yellow fortress and enjoy one of the best views on Sarajevo (local secret: do it just before the sunset).
2. Learn about the Siege of Sarajevo
The only way to truly comprehend how indestructible this city’s spirit is to stroll around all of the monuments that serve as reminders of Sarajevo’s horrific past.
Sarajevo’s tunnel of hope, which served as the town’s only link to the outside world for much of the war, is a must-see. The Sarajevo Roses, heart-wrenching scars left on the roadways to reflect all of the grenades hurled at the city, are only one example of many things that had a significant affect on residents’ day-to-day activities.
3. Explore the 1984 Winter Olympics sites
One of Sarajevo’s proudest accomplishments was hosting the 1984 Winter Olympic Games. Sarajevo’s spectacular mountains, which vividly met all of the requirements, were joined by enthusiastic people and world-class organizations, making it no surprise that Sarajevo was chosen to host this incredible event. The major events focused on four mountains located surrounding the city: Bjelasnica, which featured the male alpine skiing competition, Trebevic, hosted the Bob sledding competition, Jahorina, which housed the women’s tournament, and Igman, which proudly handled the ski jumps. The majority of these mountains still bear memories of this golden period in Sarajevo’s history.
4. Amazing nature landscapes that surround Sarajevo
It’s no surprise that tourists refer to Bosnia as “the nation of mountains,” therefore taking one of Sarajevo’s many treks is one of the greatest ways to spend your vacation time. When it comes to landscapes and natural attractions, this city has one of the nicest surfaces on the Balkans. You will not be disappointed whether you choose to visit the spectacular 98m high Skakavac waterfall, or to stroll the Olympic Trebevic mountain while admiring the cityscape. To get the whole Sarajevo hiking experience have a look at our Hiking section and find the hike that best fits your desires.
5. Lukomir village - travel to the past
There is no better experience than exploring the trails of Lukomir if you want to have an unforgettable adventure. Even inexperienced hikers who are in decent shape and have interest in hiking excursions can consider this day trip. Lukomir is one of the oldest, still inhabited villages in Bosni and Herzegovina where you can spend some time observing life in the Dinaric mountains that hasn't changed for centuries. This one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience we highly recommend to everybody. Have a look at more detailed description of this experience.

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